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Garda awarded €17,000 for injury to ankle while on duty

A Garda was kicked in his left ankle by a person he was attempting to arrest. His ligaments in his leg was damaged and he was off work for 10 weeks with the injury. Judge Irvine awarded him €17,000 in compensation. See Irish Independent 28/1/14

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Press now allowed access to Family Law & care care proceedings

New Legislation has now been signed into law allowing the press to sit in on family law and child care hearings. This new legislation amends the in camera rule and is subject to strict prohibition on publication of any material which would lead to the identification of the people involved.

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Referendum to pave way for shake-up of courts system

THE MINISTER for Justice has announced a referendum on reorganising the structure of the courts,

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€20,000 awarded to Pregnant woman who was made redundant

The Equality Tribunal awarded €20,000 to a woman who was made redundant from an accountancy firm when she was six months pregnant.

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Under the Property Services Regulation Act, 2011, the licensing of Auctioneers/ Estate Agents and Letting Agents have been transferred from the Courts and the Revenue Commissioners to the Property Services Regulation Authority (PSRA).

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